Why diet foods fail to satisfy us

Why diet foods fail to satisfy us

According to a research, Our brain has been trained in such a way that it does not get satisfaction on consuming low-calorie foods or drinks and it does not accept less calorie food or a low energy giving food like sweets or some other tasty food. Dieting can even backfire and make you eat more till the time your body gets enough energy. A study that was published in the Journal Neuron revealed that we have certain hormones in our body that makes our brain to differentiate between artificial sweetener and real sugar. But the fact how it is done is still unknown. The researchers even tried experimenting by not having any fruit or sweet foods for many hours and then a choice between the diet, non –nutritive sweetener and real sugar was given. 

When the real sugar was licked, a group of six neurons was activated and it released a hormone that had receptors in the brain and gut. This hormone was responsible for speeding up the digestion process and permitted the flies to lick more nutritious food. On the other hand, when the diet sweetener was tasted, it did not produce any hormone because it was a zero calorie sweetener that did not have any nutritional or energy value. The flies also left the artificial sweetener as they were provided energy by the calories present in the real sugar. This means that sweets or sugar is used to boost energy. The human beings and the fruit flies have 75% genes that cause diseases. 



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