Importance of Balance Diet in our Daily Routine of Food

Importance of Balance Diet in our Daily Routine of Food

Diet is the narcissism which innovate the body life, structure and psychology of a person during his growth in the human life. Not only in human beings, is diet necessary but also in mammals. If we don't have a nice diet,we cannot survive in a healthy way.Someone has rightly said,"Working is only possible if we have a good health".

Balance diet as we all know is the diet which helps our body to work properly.It contains proteins, fibers, nutrition etc. One should add grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy products in his diet.
The main essential types of food groups:

1. Milk and Diary products: Milk products provide calcium to our body. Calcium in turn makes our teeth and bones stronger. Cream, ghee, yogurt,milk are following examples.
2. Fruits and vegetables:Fruits and vegetables are a huge source of vitamins and minerals."An apple a day, keeps a doctor away" is the common proverb used by many people.
3. Roughage and fiber: Roughage and fibers are one and the same things. Fibers are the starchy foods which work as a fuel in our human machine. Bread, cereals,,salad and brown rice are great sources of fibers.
4. Non vegetarian proteins : Meat, fish chicken are also vital source of supply of proteins and vitamins in our dietary plan. Non vegetarian products also help in the sustenance of the basic food chain. 
There are many more such groups which are necessary in our diet which can cultivate in the advancement of foodies theorem.



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