Eat Healthy? Yes, You C.A.N.!

Eat Healthy? Yes, You C.A.N.!

When we say it is important to eat healthy, it is not necessary to reach out for exotic, often expensive foods. Yes, sushi looks healthy, but did you know it contains a lot of fat ? A new trend suggests eating healthy and losing weight is now easier than ever if a simple rule is followed.

It's all about C.A.N. And by C.A.N. we don't mean as in willpower, but as in these three crucial must-dos: Convenient (easy to reach), Attractive (temptingly displayed), and Normal (what you would usually choose). At least that’s what Cornell University showed in its study. This research project analyzed 112 studies that shed light on what kind of diet is a healthy diet. The study showed that those eating in the healthiest way possible did so when a supermarket, an eatery, or their partner offered them C.A.N. food.

A good example is offering food in attractive dishes and displaying them on the counter, rather than burying them on the bottom of the fridge. Cornell University study also advises people on what food to steer clear from: when eating out people should not opt for dishes with tempting names, neither those that are visually emphasized on the menu. If you came for a dinner at your favorite restaurant, try not to fall for waitress’s aggressive approach aimed at selling you a certain dish.

“With these three principles, there are endless changes that can be made to lead people…to eat healthier,” assures Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab Brian Wansink, PhD .

Photo attribution: Samgriff



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