Organic food, good choice or not ?

Organic food, good choice or not ?

Organic food has become very popular over the years. If you cannot afford to eat all the time organic food, you can at least incorporate it into your diet.

You can always decide to eat fruit and vegetables, in order to have a healthy life, but you never know the safety of that food, how are they raised, and how will impact on you and your health.
What you need to know when you are eating anything - is the safety, nutrition of it, etc.

When it comes to organic, it means that it crops must be grown in safe soil, where there hasn't been any modifications.
Farmers cannot use pesticides, petroleum- based fertilizers. Their livestock must also organic food, and they shouldn't be using hormones or any kind antibiotics.

Organic food has more beneficial nutrients, that's why people who have allergies to food or chemical allergies are eating only organic food.
Organic food is fresher, and that automatically means it tastes better. It is fresher because it doesn't contain any preservatives that make it last longer.

If we are talking about our environment, organic farming is reducing pollution, increasing soil fertility and is using less energy. It is also good for anyone who lives near it, such people, birds, small animals.
Like we mentioned above, animals who are raised on organic farm are not given antibiotics, hormones or any kind of animal byproducts. Giving antibiotics to animals is bad for us, because if we get sick ( and we ate that meat ) we will be antibiotic-resistant of bacteria.



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