Is organic food the right thing for us?

Is organic food the right thing for us?

Organic food, popularity has reached the peak. But checking and verifying its authenticity seems to be the issue. There is always the qualm about checking for its organic food labels, some extra benefits and even otherclaims which can be confusing. Do organic food really make to the healthier portion of it? Do These Genetically modified food and rest cause cancer or any other disease? Read up below and decide for yourself whether organic food has got something in its kitty.

What does “organic” literally convey?

The word “organic” refers to the way the agricultural products are generally grownand thus processed. However, specific requirements need to be met and also maintained in this process of labeling the products as "organic."

The reason why organic food is considered better is because they are grown in better soil. They undergo no modifications and thus, must remain separate from all the other conventional products. Even its growers, who are the farmers cannot used synthetic pesticides, chemical –based insecticides or fertilizers. Extreme care is taken and thus, this is the reason why organic food costs so much.

Organic food is considered to be often fresher. And as food tastes better, people generally tend to lean more towards organic food. It is also preservative free and lasts longer. Produced on smaller farms, an organic farm practice helps reduce pollution and conserves water.

Thus, it depends on individuals which food to choose. Ultimately it boils down to your choice.



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