Importance of Organic Food

Importance of Organic Food

Before looking into the benefits of organic food, we must understand organic food first .Organic food is the food produced by organic farming which  practices techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control.  Although practicing techniques vary from country to country .Organic food uses only standard pesticides which have been tested organically and these pesticides are also used under very limited conditions only.No synthetic products are used in making organic food.It offers many benefits, one of them is that organic food do not contain any kind of chemical during its whole manufacturing process whether it be growing, manufacturing, processing, or packaging. Organic fruits and vegetables are free from pesticides and chemicals making them safe to eat even without rigorous washing .As more and more people are becoming health conscious ,organic food demand will definitely increase in coming future ,since it provides healthy and nutritious food .For non-vegetarians, even animals are given organic feed. Organic food impacts globally, make us free from eating unnatural contaminants by using minimum number of chemicals. This makes food healthy even for growing children and pregnant women,who are usually very sensitive to food products and more immune to infections .They need a healthy and nutritious diet every time. This type of food is purer, fresh and natural thereby increasing the taste and flavor of food. However, organic food normally is priced higher than the normal food, but when health is a concern; we should not bother about the money.





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