How organic meat and dairy differs from regular meat

How organic meat and dairy differs from regular meat

When it comes to meat, dairy and poultry, you can get all of these in their organic food, without any kind of adulteration. But still if you want to learn what is the basic difference between normal meat products you shop from the supermarket and organic meat products, then keep on reading.

•    Basically all the livestock grown in an organic farm are provided a healthy diet, i.e. complete organic feed. 
•    The livestock isn’t given any kind of hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides, steroids, or animal byproducts. 
•    When it comes to dealing with diseases, the livestock is usually treated with natural methods which includes healthy diet, grazing, clean place and so on. 
•    As far as grazing and freedom is concerned, the livestock such as cows, buffaloes are allowed to graze the pastures for approximate 4 months of a year. 
•    Chicken and pigs are allowed direct sunlight and access to environment outside. 

These organic methods thus help in raising organically safe meat and dairy products. 




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