How to know if your food consists of Good Fat or Bad Fat?

How to know if your food consists of Good Fat or Bad Fat?

Are you confused about different types of fats? We guess, this is doubt for many people. Ever since consumption of low-calorie food started, diseases like diabetes and heart attack have also become more common. The American Heart Association suggested that with the consumption of low – fat processed food, the content of sugar has also increased. In this way, we are now consuming less of fats and more of sugar. 

Our body utilises fats as a fuel that can be used to build cell membranes. Cholesterol and LDL are essential for developing steroid hormones like estrogens and testosterone. Omega 3 fat makes your brain function in a more healthy way, lowers the level of triglyceride and cardiovascular diseases and raises good cholesterol in your body.  Salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds, pasture raised eggs, etc are the good source of fats. You should use unrefined olive oil for cooking as it serves as a fuel for your brain and body. 

There are also fats that helps in driving resistance to insulin and inflammation. You can also use oil that is made up of corn, soybean and safflower. Knowing the source of food is very important. You should always aim to achieve a balance between omega 3 and omega 6 fats. However, the ratio has got very imbalanced now and has moved more in favour of omega 6 fats. It should be noted that healthy fats don’t make you fat but consumption of bad fats can make you more prone to diseases like obesity. 



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