Two Most Common Health Myths!

Two Most Common Health Myths!

When it comes to diet and nutrition the world is divided into two. There are many nutritionists that claim that a certain food type or a food product is good or bad the reality always turns out to be the opposite. We’ve busted some common myths for you about two food products that you eat every day.

Eggs are Bad
Eggs are the most underestimated food products out there. The common myth is that eggs are bad for you. They contain high cholesterol which is considered as a high risk for various heart diseases. But here is the thing; there are two types of cholesterol in our body. Eggs are a great way to increase the good cholesterol and sustain a very healthy lifestyle. Eggs contain a lot of nutrients like proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and also minerals. Not only this, but eggs play a major role in weight loss.

Low Fat foods are Good
Low fat foods are a huge misconception. Most people believe that foods without fats are healthy. The reality is that when you remove fats from food you are left with something that tastes like paper. Hence, what most companies do is that they try to retain the taste of the food product by adding artificial agents and flavors. These include things like corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and even sugar. Studies show that these chemical agents are linked with most obesity related problems, thus they are more harmful than natural fats present in food.

It is important to constantly remain updated with the nutritional value of any product that you consume. Your diet should be according to your needs and not according to what the general consensus is. Make sure you consume what is right for you and achieve that healthy lifestyle you always wanted too.


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