Local food is most preferred healthy food option

Local food is most preferred healthy food option

The world of marketing and advertising drives the free market. The fad of organic consumption is now being replaced by local food market. As the consumer is looking for more fresh and healthy food, looks like local food is fulfilling all the criteria well. The demand for food produced in nearby areas is constantly growing in this more aware market. Cowen and Company survey pointed out that 39 percent of the 1000 people think that the origin of food matters along with the content. More than 29 percent highlighted the importance of healthy food. The flashy advertisements on TV make organic and local labels sound healthy. 

The advertisements are clearly working, 49 percent consumers bought the product because it’s locally sourced as compared to 19 percent consumers who chose organic food products. The sales of local food have jumped to $11.7 billion in 2014 from $5 billion in 2008, according to the report by Department of Agriculture. Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture told press that niche market of local food will help communities to build economic future. Food security also increases if source of the food is local but influence of local environment on food availability is matter of debate. 

Demands are being fulfilled by restaurants and supermarkets with substandard food. Community Supported Agriculture units are urging customers to invest in the local food business to ensure stable supply of products. FreshDirect, an online grocery shop is giving its customers option of shopping food according to his or her home state. 




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