Stop eating disorders!

Stop eating disorders!

If ever you see portraits in social media people trying to touch their navel from back, then do not misjudge it to be yoga. Rather, it is called Belly Button Challenge that started in China. It involves four steps through which a person touches her left navel and the belly button with the right arm by wrapping it behind the back.

It is a test of shoulder and arm flexibility and has no link with fitness. This trend must be stopped and the people should dissuade to practice this. It has the effects like a social disease that includes eating disorders, mental illness and body shame as well. They should be taught that the belly button has no role with fat deposition and fitness. Even you might have heard the cases where people’s hard try on this typical challenge had made their arms fallen off.

This is not at all right to offend someone for not having a tiny waist. And you need not prove your beauty through these vague-less activities that include bikini bridge or thigh gap or belly button challenge. A tiny waist ensures that you have no unhealthy fat deposition, but it has no mean to share it through social media to claim for fitness. And moreover, if you fail in this then that does not mean that you are fatty or you need to starve to have a tiny waist. If you think so then instead of wrapping hands behind you must try hugging yourself to prove your fitness or slimness.



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Stop eating disorders!
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