Report for Strong and Evidence-Based Diet Guidelines

Report for Strong and Evidence-Based Diet Guidelines

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics commends drafting of strong and evidence based guidelines that are based on recommendations by the Americans. It is a systematic way to review the literature that is vital for assessment of science. It has an evidence based approach that helps in making future diet recommendations. The Academy makes decision to drop the level of cholesterol from the list of nutrients and it also recommends emphasising saturated fats from the nutrients without being concerned with the cardiovascular diseases. 

Some criticism also suggests that some recommendations have been made on the basis of which the guidelines should be abided. It is mandatory to follow its guidelines. The Academy is also concerned with the blanket of sodium that is recommended to have evidence of the potential harn that it could cause to the overall population. Due to lack of some scientific reasons and a lack of scientific data on the recommendations by DGAC that is associated with increase in mortality rate for the individuals.  The Academy also increases its focus on reducing the level of sugar making in mind the health of the people in America. 

Conor said that reduction in intake of added sugar helps to improve the level of artificially added sugars in the American health. The level of sugar also imposes threat to the public health. He also emphasised on enhanced nutrition education for a more effective implementation. Such behavioural changes is made in accordance to the Dietary Guidelines that gives you access to resources and supports you whenever it is necessary. 




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