Obese teens have higher chances of developing bowel cancer

Obese teens have higher chances of developing bowel cancer

According to a latest study, teenagers with obesity have higher chances of developing bowel cancer. But it happens later in life. This study included 240.000 men from Sweden and it lasted 35 years. During that time, researchers followed their health. Researchers determined that overweight teens had 2 times higher chances for developing this type of cancer. Obesity teens had even higher chances. The World Cancer Research Fund announced that this link, between cancer and obesity is very strong. The 3rd most common type of cancer in the world is bowel cancer. Every year, 1.4 million people are diagnosed with it.

All participants in this study were between 16 and 20 years of age. The bigger part of them had a normal weight, but 1% were obese and 6.5% were overweight. Also, in this study, researchers recorded 855 cases of colorectal cancer. Participants who were obese, had 2.38 times more chances of developing a bowel cancer. 
This important study was conducted by the Harvard University and Orebro University Hospital in Sweden. They announced that adolescence is a period of transition between childhood and adulthood and during that time people experience accelerated growth. This is even more present among men. So, this period is very critical. In addition, they said that it is important that we understand the risks of exposure during childhood.

Rachel Thompson (World Cancer Research Fund) said that obesity was a serious risk factor for this type of cancer. These findings gave us proof that our lifestyle can affect on bowel cancer. Further research is required.




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