The (baffling) idea of a non-carb diet

The (baffling) idea of a non-carb diet

Some of you may have recently came across the idea that people genuinely believe a no carb diet is a good idea. While a carbohydrate lessened diet can be very effective for weight loss, cutting carbs out entirely is a terrible idea. There is a reason that we have a balanced diet as a recommendation. We need a balance of all the nutrients in our vast supply of food stuffs to keep us working efficiently.

A major and quite obvious downside to a carb free diet, is the the fatigue and probable extra stress you will end up feeling. Carbohydrates are a major source of energy in our diets and the lack of it can cause a lot of negative health effects, like the constant feeling of being drained of energy and getting tired and irritable a lot quicker than you would if you had a potato every once in a while.

The carb free diet, like any inadequate diet, can seriously affect your mental health and behaviour in a seriously negative way. The obvious and already stated negative health affects of general fatigue and related problems only lead to more and worsening affects in more already at risk people. Someone with a negative mental chemical imbalance, the major cause of mental illness, can have their condition seriously worsened.

A good (well bad) example, is someone with depression or anxiety. The idea that they would starve themselves of a major chemical source would seem crazy. While not directly related to the cause of anxiety and depression, the chemical energy especially is something without which, can seriously worsen the condition by changing your body chemistry even further and adding more negative affects to your body and life in general to get depressed and anxious about. It seems simple in its stupidity, but people seem to think it's a good idea to starve yourself of a major nutritional source.



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