Perfect Diet for a Teenager

Perfect Diet for a Teenager

A teenager requires lots of nutrition in order to grow and develop in the manner that he is supposed to. As the parent of a teen child, you need to pay plenty of attention to your child’s diet in order to help him grow to potential. To know more about what constitutes the perfect diet for a teen, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Include Milk and Fish

The diet of a teenager should be one that comprises of plenty of milk and fish. Both foods are rich in protein and calcium and can help in bone development. Fish particularly is excellent for the skin and the hair and even for the development of memory. Your child’s concentration skills are certain to improve and advance if he is made to follow a fish diet.

Give Lean Meat

Lean meats like chicken should also be included in the diet of a teenage child. These too form a rich source of protein and will give your child the energy that he needs to perform physical activities without much difficulty.

Include Carbohydrates in Diet

You should also include carbohydrates and potatoes in the diet of your teenage child as carbohydrates also contribute to energy creation in the body. These will also boost immunity in your child and make him less prone to physical ailments such as fever, cough and cold.

Thus, if you keep the above mentioned points in mind, you can certainly do a good job of charting out the best diet for your teen.



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