Fruit Sugars May Not Suppress Hunger, Study

Fruit Sugars May Not Suppress Hunger, Study

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Southern California has revealed that fruit sugars may not suppress hunger. 
The study, which saw 24 young volunteers taking part, had its findings published in Proceedings of the National Academies of Science of the U.S.A., a peer-reviewed science journal and was funded by the American Heart Association, the Southern California Clinical and Transitional Science Institute and by a Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Grant. 

The volunteers in the study were given drinks which were cherry flavored and they contained either glucose or fructose (fruit sugar). Brains scans which were carried out showed that volunteers who had had fructose drinks tend to have more brain activity when they were shown pictures of food which had high calories as compared to when they were given glucose. 
According to the researchers, people are more likely to look for food as well as eat more in real life after they had consumed fructose. 

From their researchers, the researchers were able to conclude that, “These findings suggest that ingestion of fructose relative to glucose results in greater activation of brain regions involved in attention and reward processing, and may promote feeding behavior.”
This study was a double-blind, small randomized controlled trial (RCT)which intended on discovering the effect that sugar’s fructose as well as glucose tend to have on one’s desire as well as future. The study’s team has said that fructose may not suppress one’s appetite as much as glucose, a different form of sugar, does. 



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