Your Guide To Eating Brown Foods The Right Way

Your Guide To Eating Brown Foods The Right Way

A lot has been talked and discussed on how brown foods are better than white choices in the market, and research and studies have revealed that most facts are, in fact, true. Here are some fast facts worth knowing before you start following the ‘brown always’ idea.

Know what to eat
There are a few things in your daily diet that can be replaced with better brown alternatives. The names include your rice, bread and pasta, but don’t fall for the fads out there. For example, replacing your regular sugar with brown sugar hardly does any good because the amount of carbohydrates and calories is just the same. However, replacing your regular refined flour noodles with oat or whole wheat noodles is the right step. As for rice, brown rice is hands down better than white options any day.

How to choose brown foods?
Always go by the label of the product before you consider any item to be superior or better than the white alternative. You will be surprised to know that some of the brown breads actually have coloring and are not made of whole wheat as believed to be. Reading the labels only help in knowing the food you actually eat. Also, if you are into brown eggs, it is pertinent that unless mentioned, the color of the egg is dependent on the breed of the hen and doesn’t signify much about production.

Undoubtedly, brown foods are always better than their white counterparts in more ways than one, but at the same time, it’s important to pick the right choices.


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