Diet & Nutrition Myths

Diet & Nutrition Myths

There are many that are being said and written about the diet as well as the nutrition. However, it is very difficult to tell which of these tips are accurate and which ones are purely farcical. Here are some common myths about diet and nutrition that have been debunked with the help of experts.

Skipping Meals can aide weight loss
This is the cardinal sin when it comes to dieting. There is nothing more debilitating to the body than depriving it of the energy that it needs on a daily basis. You will not only feel weak due to lack of food and energy but also impact the metabolism rate which will slow down and affect digestion of food. The good practice is to eat in moderation and eat healthy instead of junk food.

Red Meat is bad news
Red meat is not unhealthy contrary to the popular belief. You just need to choose leaner meats in order to avoid consuming too much fat. It is always advisable to grill or bake your meats so that you can avoid greasing it with fat.

Brown eggs are better than white
This is one of the most preposterous myths. Egg shell color has nothing to do with the nutritional value of the egg. The color is all about the breeding of hen and in no way impacts the taste, nutritive content or the quality of the egg.

Nuts are fattening
Wrong. They are high in calories so eat less but they also have high nutritional value.


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